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Awarded Most Influential Gnostic researcher in 2015 by Gnosis Magazine

Welcome to my website. On this page you can learn about who I am and my unique life experiences.  My whole life has been filled with extraordinary events. It started from my earliest memories to the recent day. This website was created out of my passion for digital assets and the new financial revolution that is Crypto currencies.  But this page is not about crypto or digital assets. This page is about me and my unique life story. 

Overview: Who is Luke Myers?

I have always had a passion to learn and I have always been driven to explore the world, and experience new things. I was born to a loving single mother who came out of a dysfunctional broken home filled with metal illness, alcoholism and suicide.  Coming from a wealthy family in Santa Barbara I saw the effects poor mental health and years of alcoholism can do to people.  I was raised very religious and at a very early age I witnessed angels take my grand mother to heaven on the night of her death, as well as the suicide of my grand father, brother, and uncle.  Kids get sheltered from much of this trauma at an early age and really do not understand why these people die or do not want to live. As I grew older I studies the book of Proverbs in the Bible and learned the importance of seeking wisdom, hard work, and living a good moral life. As I became a teenager my mother Cholly Ann Myers, started to develop heavy depression.  Watching this was my first lesson in the power of mindset and human nature. I was a fast learner and because of my love for science I gained employment with the Santa Barbara museum of Natural history in their high school jobs program for gifted youth. I worked as a science assistant in the labs of the Vertebrate Zoology department.  I then moved into Marine Biology as a public educator at the Santa Barbara Sea center. By the age of 18 my family / home situation had declined sharply with my mother having fully lost her mind.  Episodes of mania and mental illness became too grate for her. That forced me to run away from home. My dreams of going to collage to become a Marine Biologist or Digital Animator in Hollywood were all but gone. Now it was just a matter of survival. It was that year that I went to live with my Aunt and Uncle and then at the age of 17 my father said I should join the US Navy. So I did, the 4 years ( 1999 to 2003 ) in the US Navy, from Age 17 to 23 were the most incredible and transformative of my life.  Some of what I experienced there I will document later.  For now, let me go over some of the key events that mark my life. From the early days of researching and writing my book, “Gnostic Visions” to today as a Crypto Enthusiast, writer, and Software Solutions Engineer. 

Mystic and Religious Experiences

I Spent over 10 years of my life (2003 to 2013)  studying visionary plants around the world. I discovered the deepest truths of the universe. I lived through experiences that I had only read about in books or stories online. I found, visited, and returned from the deepest realms of the human mind. In those realms are links to the Mind of God and all other layers of thought and reality. 

Trained Herbalist and Naturopathic Healer.

Trained in the use of healing plants in:

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Amazonian Shamanic Healing
  • Amazonian Magic
  • Indo-Pacific Healing Practices
  • Performance enhancing Herbs
  • Longevity Herbs
  • Visionary plants of the world.
  • Vegetarian Health Performance

Love for the Ocean

In 1998 Luke Myers Started work for the Santa Barbara Sea Center.As a Touch Tank Public Educator. A bright and curious high school student Luke Myers took his love for Science and the Ocean to the public.  Luke Myers worked for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Santa Barbara Sea center for 3 years. I continue to spread the importance of protecting the oceans, and in 2022 I went on a snorkeling expedition with my  fiancé to film Whale Sharks in Oslob Cebu.

Dennis McKenna and Luke Myers in 2010 on an Expedition together in the Amazon Rainforest.

On our walks, Dennis Mckenna and I discussed plants and their connection to early human evolution. As well as theories for visionary plants effects on the primate mind and early experiences of the spiritual dimension in proto-humans. 

Studying the healing and magical practices of the Boa people of the Amazon.

Luke Myers visited and studies the healing and magical practices of  the Boa people while he was working on the research of his book, ” Gnostic Visions“. 

The Boa people venerate the Boa Snake as a symbol of wisdom in the same way the serpent in the christian bible is presented as a wise being. They say they worship the boa because it comes to them in their visions and teaches them about the jungle and how to heal the sick and gives them wisdom. 

Luke Myers is a US NAVY Veteran. He served on the USS Carl Vinson for operation " Enduring Freedom" in 2001.

Luke Myers is a US NAVY Veteran. He fought in “Operation Enduring Freedom” in 2001 against the Taliban and conducted air support for the US Navy during the attacks on the world trade center in New York in 2001. Luke Found in the Global War on Terror and reserved multiple medials and military awards.  

Real Estate Sales & Finance

After writing my book and finishing my degree in IT Management. I started to sell real estate and even worked for a real estate investment firm. It was my time with the firm that I learned about rehabbing and flipping houses as well as getting the value for farm land and multi family properties. 

Trader and Investor

2008 Financial Crisis took place the same year I got married and the same year my Father died. My Father died 3 days before my wedding. After the wedding I got a house. I published my book and then moved my researching skills into investing. In 2010 I have been an investor and student of the financial markets ever since. 

Website Developer & Solutions Engineer

Currently working as a Solutions Engineer and Website developer for Pressert Marketing. I help businesses grow. I have a passion to learn, research, and problem solve. I love helping my company and our clients find technical solutions to improve their business.  Some of the clients I have helped are:

Turlock City News


Pressert Marketing



Vet Industry

 Woods Furniture

and many more

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