Before NFTs: Surging interest in pre-CryptoPunk collectibles

NFTs did not yet exist

NFT hunters are suddenly rediscovering these forgotten vintage collectibles. Let’s step into our time machine for a moment and travel back to the year 2015. It’s September. The price of Bitcoin is $236. Ethereum’s genesis block isn’t even two months old. Smart contracts, as they’ll exist in the future, are naught but a dream. And Shaame has just launched a token sale for the first-ever blockchain-based mobile game, Spells of Genesis. Back in 2015, this was the beginning of NFT’s. These were not NFTs in any modern sense because those simply did not exist yet. Rather than each one being verifiably 1-of-1 (nonfungible), each card design featured a limited edition of interchangeable (fungible) tokens on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. After its successful fundraise, the game went on to release dozens of trading cards with varying edition sizes and levels of rarity.

Fast-forward six years, and the completed Spells of Genesis mobile game is gathering dust on your favorite app store. While the game surged in popularity for a year or two around the time of the initial coin offering boom, it was eventually overtaken by nonfungible projects like CryptoKitties, and its collectibles more-or-less faded into obscurity.

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