Beta Testing Games on the Wax Blockchain

To get started Beta Testing Games in the Wax blockchain you need to follow these steps.

  1. Register a Wax Test net account:
  2. Download the Anchor Wallet:
  3. Click manage block chains and add the Wax Test Net.
  4. . Head to to create an account. 45
  5. Navigate to manage wallets under Wax Test net, import accounts, import existing account, import private key, and copy and paste your active private key.

After your wallet is set up and you have created a test net account and you have connected your test net account to you wallet you are ready to sign in to the game you want to test. Now if there is no game to test or the owners of the game have not approved your to have access to the test net, then you will not be able to get in and test the game.

You can only test a game that is there to test and in which the devs have authorized your account to be a game beta tester. But once approved you can sign in to the test account with the wallet and start playing the game. In beta testing all the WAX and crypto is for test purposes only but it is still fin to try a game before anyone else. This is a picture of the sign in process for the beta test account on a recent game we Beta Tested here at IncomePlayer.

We will report back to you with our reviews and experience of the Sailers World Beta Test.

Have a great day and keep playing.

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