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How is income created by Play2Earn game ?

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How is income created by Play2 Earn Games ?

Well there are 4 may ways. Each game has a dominant style and the earning potential of the game is dictated by the style of earning potential. 

1. Game Land ownership / sale / rental / buildable 

2. NFT sales  - Build / Breed / Merge / Create / Win in Game NFT's - ( resell value ) 

3. Crypto Games made for fun with good graphics and game play - ( Play2Earn Lower score or lower earning potential ) 

4. Mine / Farm / Buy in game coin's - coins can be used to buy other game NFT's or game assets. ( Highest earn potential - main problem stable prices) 

Axie Infinity makes money by wining battles and earning SLP Breading NFT's can be sold also. Income is created by the price of SLP and NFT sales

Sandbox makes money from land sale and structure NFT building and use. These are just some small examples.