DAO Farmer – White Paper Review

This is an initial review of the games WhitePaper. The game DAO Farmer is not live or playable yet. DAO Farmer just opened their website and publicly released their white paper not very long ago. DAO Farmer seems to have taken many ideas and elements from the popular Play2Earn game Farmers World found on the WAX blockchain. As many of you know, Farmers World is the #1 most popular game on the WAX blockchain and has been for some time now. Famers World is still in development and is still in early stages of development, but it is playable. The main problem with Farmers world was the crash and volatility of prices of the games coins and NFT’s. This seems to be one of the main issues that DAO Farmer is looking to fix and improve in their Play 2 Earn Farming game.

DAO Farmer can be found here: https://daofarmer.com/

DAO Farmer looks like it is trying to be a more improved evolution from Farmers World. They are trying to take the best parts of Farmers World and make a better MetaVerse Farming Game. The long term plans of the game also have very big goals. Some of the long term plans for DAO Farmer are not just farming but creating a whole world in which Farming is the basis or foundation of the games Play 2 Earn Economics. DAO farmer wants to make a whole world in which building can be built and cities created with farming as the foundation of the whole economy. I feel this is great news and can solve many problems play 2 earn has today.

Right now Play to Earn has a few problems that DAO Farmer is trying to fix

  1. Very high price volatility.
  2. High inflation of resources which creates price crashes and steady price declines.
  3. Disagreement among player how to fix these in game tokenomics and how to keep prices stable and earnings high.

DAO farmer looks like it is trying to address all of these problems head on. I will not go into all of them in detail here, but can outline the basics. One of the ways they are trying to make prices stable long term is by creating functions that increase supply in price spikes and increase demand when prices fall too low. In addition to keep prices stable, they are creating a DAO which allows players to vote and shape the future of the game if tokenomics break or need improvement in the future. The 3rd way is their plan to make a world out of the game in which in game tokens are required and used buy non farming players thus creating incentives for the in game coins to be used, stored, or burned this preventing massive price declines and keeping the price of the coins more stable and the earnings of the players high over time.

It is too early to tell how this game will evolve but we will report back to you as it comes out. So far I am very excited by the team and how they are trying to take on the most important problems facing Play 2 Earn today. By taking the best parts of Farmers World, play to earn, and trying to make them even better, it looks like DAO farmer has very good potential and we look forward to playing it in the future.

If you would like more detailed info on the games economics check out this video from our friend OSMM on YouTube.

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