🔥EGG HATCHING FESTIVAL — Initial NFT Offering🥚🥚🥚


An egg collector travels around this planet to gather the eggs as they are ready to hatch. In this season, the most famous egg collector has a plan to sell them to new comers to El Kathya planet.

🎪 22/10: Prepare for the Festival
Demolers! Get your tokens ready for the tickets, buy eggs at the lowest price possible, and prepare to defend the monster world.

💰 27/10: Staking day
Being a careful merchant, the Egg Collector requires every Demoler to pay a deposit for the purchase of egg boxes.
Each Demoler needs to stake for tickets:
🎟 Standard ticket (for 1 regular egg box (5 eggs): 1000 tokens
🎫 VIP ticket (for 1 premium egg box (5 eggs): 2000 tokens

🐣 31/10: Egg Hatching day
Because so many Demolers want to own egg boxes, the only ones who have the tickets will be able to buy egg boxes from the Egg Collector. Hurry up!!! Egg boxes are decreasing dramatically.
– Regular egg box: 200 DMLG
– Premium egg box: 400 DMLG

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Let’s come to the Egg Hatching festival! What happened to the El Kathya planet?

Idra — the Tree of Life — stands tall in the middle of El Kathya. It gives birth to thousands of monster eggs a year. Depending on the habitat and magical power, each egg will hatch a monster with different races and attributes. These monsters carry great powers of the ancient Titans and will accompany Demolers to defend El Kathya . One day, the first Demolers came together to select the eggs of their future companions. This day will forever be remembered and celebrated annually as “The Egg Hatching Festival”.

Article: https://medium.com/@Demole.io/egg-hatching-festival-initial-nft-offering-dd55e4ec8331

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