Facebook’s metaverse will still track your every move! 😳

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Facebook is now Meta (FB), reflecting its focus on building up the so-called metaverse — a future version of the internet that will let people interact with others in 3-D virtual worlds. But that doesn’t mean the social media giant will change its business model. Yes, despite the new name and logo, Meta’s business will likely remain the same as Facebook’s. It will make money by tracking your every move to target you with ads.

According to experts, Meta will find even more ways to follow you than Facebook did. Imagine a headset that can track your eyes, determining how long your gaze dwells on a digital billboard while you stroll down the virtual street in the metaverse. Meta may also know how often you visit a virtual location and who you’re grabbing a virtual beer with. 

The metaverse might open up new possibilities for you, the user, but it will also open up a new world of advertising possibilities for Facebook, now called, Meta.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not. And it could be the future of our connected world. At least in the centralized meta verse being created by Facebook ( Meta ). The Decenralized meta verse is already being created by Play2Earn and the NFT crypto space and is in many ways ahead of Facebook. So at least you will have a option to use the meta verse without ads and a concern for tracking your interests in the new world.

Facebook already has a reputation for tracking its users. The Facebook app’s creepy ability to serve ads for items you’re just about to buy has some people, incorrectly, assuming the service listens in on their conversations through their phones’ microphones like a high-tech Bond villain.

The reality, however, is that Facebook understands its users so well that it can predict what you’re likely to be interested in. That’s why you’ll see an ad for something you swear you’ve never searched for online and only mentioned to a friend in passing.

Now imagine what Meta can do with data it collects from the metaverse.

Facebook could create technologies to see where you’re looking and base future ads off the items you’re gazing at. So, if you’re walking around a shopping mall while wearing an augmented reality headset and pause to look at an ad, the software would immediately pick up on your glance — and begin serving you even more relevant ads. Or it could just serve up ads that you’ve expressed previous interest in. As this META comes out in the next few years we will know more and report to you here. Join in our forum to connect with others and help to support us.

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