Farmers World Coins & NFT’s Scheduled to be Worthless by Christmas

FWW | FWG | FWF coins have all been in mass free fall as the game only creates an ever increasing supply of coins with very little uses for these resources. With the prices down so much, one would expect 20% and 30% price declines in one day to stop, but as prices goes lower, users keep minting so called RARE NFT’s. To understand why the prices are crashing all we need to do is see how much coin is created. Demand to build farm houses is only a few hundred wood. But supply is many thousands time that. A chainsaw creates 1,200 wood per day and each player is allowed to have 6 max. So each player can make 7,000 FWW per day and 70,000 FWW every 10 days. It is a clear supply demand imbalance.

Instead of reacting to the problem and closing down the ability to mint new “rare” high level tools with few in game uses for them, the development team was silent and a panic has been created in the game. With virtually all players having lost all the money they have put into the game at this point.

To make matters worse prices just 40 days ago were so much higher many people were spending thousands of dollars to get these NFT’s and in game assets that are now dropping in an unprecedented crash and soon to be worth zero or almost nothing.

We tried to reach out to the team on their discord channel and: ALERT 🚨 we were banned ! YES readers Farmers World BANNED Income Player for trying to find out and get info on how they would fix the game or save investors. This is a very bad sign and a red flag.

From the price chart prices are down -20% a day and as you can see from the price chart the coins will be worthless by Christmas. If the price goes to zero or near zero by Christmas day, as this price chart predicts, then feel free to pick up free NFT’s but this project is broken and very high risk of financial loss to buyers of any NFT’s from this game. As you can see -30% to -20% price drops are happening daily now. Buyers looking to get in on this game should have the opportunity to pick up a few “Rare” NFT’s from this project for pennies, or if it does go to Zero for free, very soon. Risking $5 for a Chainsaw that used to sell for $80,000 USD just 2 month prior is a feat. Stay carful out there.

Update: Soon after this post and all of our notification on Twitter it seems like the price has stabilized. Price has been near flat for the last 4 days. This could be a temporary phenomena or something bigger going on behind the view of gamers. We will keep you updated as this progresses.

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