Farmers world is getting a Dog !

This is straight from the development team on the coming Farmers World Coin IDO and new animal update:

Hello all farmers,

As mentioned earlier, today we will have some sharing about Farmers World’s vision in the future as well as our objective assessments on the blockchain gaming market at the moment.
Just a heads-up that in this article, there will be no promises, no sugar-coated lines about the ability to revive the market. There will be nothing you want to hear, but these are simply sharings from the developing team’s perspective.

We enter December with a lot of volatility. Many say that December is the time when players/traders will be inclined to sell what they have with a purpose of gathering financial resources to spend on festive occasions. And that’s reasonable. Indeed, what we are witnessing proves that prediction. It has been correct, not only with Farmers World but also the entire market, which shows a recent falling. This trend includes those top games such as Axie. The forecasts also advise that, very quickly, they will return to the market. For many years, this has always been the case.
Many people ask us if “the game is dead?”, just because they see the low price of wood. For the record, in September this year, the price of wood was the same as it is now. After that, we all know that Farmers World has made huge growth steps. So there is no reason for wondering if the game is dead just because the price comes back to the 3 month previous price. As an example, taking a look at Bitcoin, the last few years, the price has been moving around at $40k. Bitcoin price goes up then down, this happens over and over again. That is the nature of the market. If the market went up all the time and never fluctuated, it would be a dangerous market. In fact, it would be a dead market.

On the Alcor exchange, Farmers World’s trading volume is 15 times that of all other games combined. This figure makes us believe that Farmers World is still holding the number 1 position.

Those who have come to Farmers World from the beginning would understand that Farmers World is like a child in puberty. It will take time to grow up. We have a lot of plans for Farmers World, many of which we’re technically done but just waiting for the right time to release.

– We have accomplished Happy Farmers World. As shown from a few leaked videos on the forums , we are choosing KOLs to play the beta.

– We and our investment funds have agreed that in December the market will be tough and we will commit to wait together for the right time to conduct IDO. Maybe later this month, or delay for a while. We have worked with and Binance to get the Farmers World token to appear on these platforms right after the IDO. The Farmverse project is such a big project that we are willing to wait for the right release time to make it a big boom for not only Farmers World but the entire gaming industry.

– We have perfected the new feature update. With the addition of new animals to the game, this would make the game more balanced in resource usage, as well as the PvP feature.

– We started to work on the next content of the game. Everyone is expecting “LANDS” to appear in this game, aren’t they?

Many people may ask, why not have a specific timeline for those plans? We believe that a good plan is a plan that appears at the right time. With the right moment, it makes the game explode. That’s why we continue to wait for positive signs from the market.

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