#GGG Partnership: Gamestarter

Good Games Guild is super excited to announce the partnership with Gamestarter — an NFT-based crowdfunding platform, launchpad & marketplace from game creators powered by $GAME Coin. The partnership is expected to onboard more developers, more investors, and more players to the world of Play-to-Earn gaming.

About Gamestarter

Crowdfunding platform. Gamestarter is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that helps indie game developers to fundraise by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Funding on Gamestarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal.

Traditionally, 99% of startups do not integrate blockchain tech or consider issuing utility tokens due to legal complications. As a result, most of them stay out of the realm of crypto funding, seeking help from conventional seed planters. The fact is that this is an aching pain for emerging startups because they cannot access the massive reservoir of public funding through cryptocurrencies.

As for gaming projects, most indie game creators do not promote the games themselves and instead use marketing agencies. This is a playground for Gamestarter, which is working with the primary non-crypto game funding promoters, and instead of getting one studio at a time, is bringing 50–100 with each deal.

By bringing a new solution to an old problem, Gamestarter is set to breathe fresh air into the field of fundraising.

NFT marketplace.
Gamestarter will function as an NFT market that hosts the trading of all in-game assets brought by game creators. This provides devs with stable access to market demand without any charge until they reach their funding goals. Furthermore, Gamestarter helps boost a project’s public visibility with our massive fan base made up of game enthusiasts. Game creators will be able to develop their own community within the Gamestarter universe.

Gamestarter’s business model provides gamers extra liquidity, access, and ownership over their pre-sale items, which are in the form of NFTs.

In addition, Gamestarter provides a marketplace to trade digital assets from successfully launched games. Giving the NFTs owners as much agency as possible and the ability to sell and realize real-world value from their holdings, which is essential for the NFT ecosystem to thrive.

Native token.
Gamestarter’s ecosystem is supported by its own native token ‘GAME Coin’ (GAME). The GAME Coin (GAME) is an ERC20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain just like ether. GAME Coin tokens will be used to buy and sell NFT’s during the crowdfunding stage and in the marketplace. You can learn about the token metrics here: https://assets.website-files.com/605e0ad5750852363ca9f732/60ae0716b8ae36efccfb80c0_GAME-Coin.pdf✎ EditSign

Community and sharing ecosystem.
Gamestarter is backed by team that consists of very long and well-experienced individuals. Gamestarter offers digital creators the opportunity to build direct relationships with their buyers. Furthermore, Gamestarter comes with two referral programs. One program rewards you for bringing new users to the platform, the other one pays you for promoting NFTs sold on our marketplace.

Gamestarter is the very first project of this kind, which incorporates standard features of existing fundraising platforms with new cutting-edge technology and financial offerings. This gives Gamestarter a competitive advantage over all other existing platforms. Moreover, it is fully powered by the $GAME token that can be used to back up multiple projects at the same time.

For further information about Gamestarter, please visit: https://www.gamestarter.com/

Article can be found on https://medium.com/@goodgamesguild/ggg-partnership-gamestarter-97ed9329f83

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