Game Starter Spike to $3.50 to all time high then Insiders Dump Coin and Crash price to $2.80 in a big decline.

Game Coin from Game Starter has been very volatile in the past week as the price broke out of its overhead price resistance to make a run to $3.50 cents. Then in less than 48 hours the price stars getting dumped by large insiders and dumps down over 25% to $2.80 cents. It has since recovered from its losses to stabilize at $3

We are not as certain of the coins ability to rise to $10 this bull run over the next 3 to 6 months. Its Discord group hit 20,000 members and Coin Market Cap has it on over 115,000 watch list but this still has not gotten the price over $4 even will the boom in MetaVerse investing. We expect reduced price growth and higher volatility as cons get dumped after they unstake from picking up IGO’s. You have to stake for 5 days to get the IGO which lots of hedge funds and investors like to make quick money on but it is becoming clear that less amounts of IGO coin is available to buy thus creating price and coin dumps. We do expect the company / coin to grow as overall market cap expands in the next 3 to 6 months. Price target for this coin is $7 to $8 by the end of the bull run.

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