Getting Started in Farmers World

To get started in Farmers World you will need these link:

Step 1. Get a Wax Wallet
WAX Cloud Wallet –

The WAX wallet will hold all of your assets and coins. This is the base required to play the game as anytime a financial transaction is done in the game, it goes into the WAX wallet.

Farmers World has 3 coins FWW ( Wood ) FWG ( Gold ) FWF ( food) all of these are earned or mined in the game and can be sold or exchanged for WAX coin on the Alcor exchange.


You can find the game NFT’s for buying and selling at the Atomic Hub which is the WAX NFT market place.


4. Last you can check prices and ROI on the game key here:

Next you will want to start with a Farm plot and get 8 seeds. You will need enough FWF food coin to provide the energy to grow the farm to harvest. It wall also take some wood to get the farm built unless you just buy the Farm Plot NFT from the Atomic hub.

The Farm plot will take 8 seeds to fill. If you plant 8 corn it will produce 3,600 gold every week.

You will also want to get a tool to mine wood or food. For an entry level price you can start with the lower cost tool. This is the ancient stone axe, good for wood mining.

STEPS to get started.

  1. Go to the game
  2. Sign into game server
  3. Sign in with WAX Wallet – the WAX wallet will connect with the game and load your assets and open the game with your wallet as the key.
  4. Next you will go to the MAP
  5. When you first start your farm is empty so the boxes are grey as you build your farm they will be colored in.
  6. Most players start with the Plant Farm and grow 8 spots. You can mine with a axe to get wood and a fishing tool to get food. Wood is used to craft and build more tools and farm buildings. As you progress in the game you can eventually earn higher quality mining equipment and maximize your earnings.

Memberships and member cards allow you to have more then 2 mining tools. Info on Membership system and getting more tools can be found here:

As your WAX wallet fills with WAX coins you can send them to any Crypto Currency exchange or wallet and change them out for your currency or crypto of choice. Some people sell their WAX coin for US Dollars others sell for Ethereum or Bitcoin. It is up to you. At the time of this article WAX coin is worth .47 Cents or almost 1/2 US dollar each. Top level tools of the game can produce 140 WAX each per day but this is always changing with the free market that we love.

That should be all the basics you need. Farmers World is the highest earning Play2Earn game right now with top players earning over $10,000 US Dollar per month. Enjoy and let us know how you do in the forum and please share this website with your gaming friends to help us grow and support what we are doing here at Income Player. Have a great day.

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