How much are people earning Playing Gods Unchained ?

Gods Unchained is a trading card game. Players will need to use a deck of cards to battle other players in online competitive games. These cards have attacking, supporting, disrupting or defensive powers. Some cards rely more on ‘physical damage’, while others are tailored for magical attacks. Players need to create a deck of cards, and those who combine the utility of these cards very well, have a bigger chance of winning. There’s serious strategy involved here.

Every player has access to standard cards, but these aren’t tokenized on the blockchain. However, by leveling up their account players receive card packs. In these packs they will find cards that are stored in their blockchain wallet. As a result they can sell these rewards on the open marketplace.

Having multiple copies of the same card, allows players to level up a card. When players win matches, they will earn the in-game currency Flux. They need that currency to combine cards into a more valuable one. Combining two plain cards gets you a meteorite card, while five meteorite cards combined becomes a shadow card, five shadow cards turns into a golden one and five gold cards transforms into a diamond card.

Players can also earn card packs by winning competitive matches. Every weekend there’s a special tournament in which players can earn additional prizes. Before players can tap into the biggest reward pools, they will need to level up their accounts. Low level accounts can perhaps win 10 dollars during the weekend tournament, while top level players can win 100 to 150 dollars. Leveling up your account is therefore very important if you’re into this for the money.

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