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After releasing the HappyLand map, we received tons of questions about our land areas and the halcyon economy of the game. Hence, we need to trumpet some official information about our land.

In real life, one of the most popular ways for people to invest is real estate. And nowadays, there are more and more records being witnessed in the sales of virtual lands as some plots of virtual land are being sold at staggering prices. Virtual land is an example of an NFT, designed to be accessible through the blockchain. Virtual land ownership is becoming voguish because it opens a fresh way for people to access and purchase land. Decentralized crypto networks lower the level of trust required for collaboration. As a result, they are most beneficial anywhere the requirement for confidence is a bottleneck to scaling.

Additionally, scarcity in the virtual land market drives up the value of these digital assets a lot. Only a limited amount of lands are being sold as a part of a game or a metaverse, and it determines who will be a resident of that metaverse. In conclusion, land ownership with NFT accelerate users’ right and help them self-custody the digital assets and claim stake into something they are interested in.

Same as in the world of HappyLand, we encourage players to consider lands as valuable assets or long-term investments for themselves. A fascinating experience for us is to observe what the players do with HappyLand world, what kinds of organizations will emerge, which lands become desirable, and how people will construct and evolve them. The game lands are priceless for their scarcity and have unlimited use cases. As more people join the game, the land becomes scarcer than ever. The early birds who have access to the very first land plots will have an opportunity to trade their property, become a landlord by collecting vast amounts of land and be the only person to own that token on the blockchain. The developers of HappyLand have no ownership in lands once lands have been sold to players.

Types of Land

Owning NFT land is the first step and a prerequisite to participating in the world of HappyLand. There are five different types of land: Highland, Valley, Woodland, Meadow, and Euphoria-land. We divided the land into many areas because each land type is designed and optimized based on the financial roadmap of each specific group of players.

Any land in HappyLand is a mystery waiting for players to discover. No two plots will be the same, and no one can duplicate the land you bought.

Each plot you own will act as your empire, where you can freely build according to your rich imagination. However, there will only be a certain number of items you can craft, so you should consider an appropriate mix of investments. If your financial ability allows, try to step out of your comfort zone and own more than one plot of land. The closer the land is to the central area, the larger the farming space. A default house and a default warehouse will automatically come with the piece of land you bought, which means you are purchasing a plot of land and a foundation for your new life in HappyLand with two beautiful houses that the game gives you.

What we are always proud of when building HappyLand is the ambition of the developer team. We aspire to create a world as close to reality as possible. Those are the lands in HappyLand with different ranks, subdivisions, and characteristics.

To have a closer and more penetrating view, we will specifically analyze each component of this vast world.

  • Highland is a mountainous area full of obstacles and difficulty of access. Here, it will be arduous for players to cultivate and achieve excellent yields. You will need to consider diversifying your land fund when owning land in this region.
  • If you need a more economical option, keep an eye on the lands in the Valley. This place is a mysterious place, where there is exploitation potential and conditions are suitable for anyone’s journey to become a landlord. However, the hills can be a barrier to achieving good crops.
  • A minority of discerning people will choose to settle in the Woodland area because they believe that this luxuriant jungle place is a God-given opportunity for their dream of having the golden touch. Tall tree shadows will favorably bless any farming and cultivating ideas. This area will have a higher value because it is located quite close to the land of Euphoria.
  • Fertile. Abundant. Hallowed. That’s what you can find in Meadow. There is nothing more wonderful than the life of a vagabond, milling around the vast grasslands of the magnificent steppe. This place is heaven on earth, with treasures buried deep in each crop. And an important thing to note is that you need to have a strong financial solid to afford the land in this area.
  • Only heaven-sent individuals own a piece of the precious land of Euphoria. This place is worth its weight in gold, providing any guest with an infinite, bounteous resource. The actual landlords would never let go of Euphoria. Every piece of land in Euphoria is like a shining diamond; no one can deny the investment value and outstanding profitability of this land. Owning land in Euphoria is a pride for anyone, but only genius minds can exploit the total value.

Crops Rarity

Built with the mission to simulate the world of farming most realistically, HappyLand wishes to bring the most realistic experiences to the game’s landowners. Each type of land will have different exploitation potentials, the more valuable the land, the more diverse the crops on the land. Crops are among the first in-game items that players need to own to build their farm economy model. With crops, players can experience the daily work of a real farmer when taking care of his garden with the aim of harvesting as many agricultural products as possible.

There will also be a maximum number of beds that can be placed on your plot of land depending on your land type .

The crop rarity level is as follows (1 being the least profitable, 5 being the most):

  1. Common crops
  2. Rare crops
  3. Epic crops
  4. Legendary crops
  5. Mythical crops

Final Thoughts

For this very first reveal, those fascinated in jumping into the world of HappyLanders and getting off the ground will stand a chance to participate in the AMA with our teams as soon as possible.

Exciting enough? The best is yet to come. We are going to spill the beans. Stay tuned for the mysterious Land Certificate and The Land Sale Series on our official channels

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