Squid Game coin is a Scam !

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Is Squid Game coin a Scam, the answer is YES ! Reports are coming all over the web that Squid game coin buyers can not sell. You can not sell you Marbles. The website says you will be able to sell your marbles but I just tried and Pancake swap says error and does not swap them !! This is illigal or should be. Reports are coming on all over the web that no one can sell. Some people have reported being able to sell 1 Squid coin for 5 Marbles. If 1 Squid coin is $12 and Marbles are currently $4 x5 that is spending $20 in Marbles to sell just one $13 coin. This is NOT what the white paper said. They are lying and it is a scam.

We will report back soon on any updates 10/29/2021 DO not buy ..repeat DO NOT BUY !

UPDATE: This coin is a Classic Honey Pot SCAM! Avoid at ALL costs.

What is a honeypot scam in crypto?

Honeypot is a type of scam in the crypto world where a scammer creates a crypto wallet on a blockchain network and deploys a clever smart contract to steal people’s money. Any money that enters this address – or the crypto honeypot – gets stuck and no one is able to get it out.

Honeypots are not easy to spot because most of us do not have technical knowledge about blockchains and smart contracts. Even experienced crypto traders can fall for a honeypot scam and lose money.

A scammer would basically make the smart contract in such a way that any crypto tokens put into the contract can only be withdrawn by their own wallets. This means if someone else would try to withdraw crypto tokens using their own private key, the attempt would fail. Scammers would usually launch their coins and wait for people to put their money in. As more people put their money in, the price only goes up. This is because no one can withdraw their tokens. All green candlesticks on the token’s chart can deceive people to pour more money into the token.

This can go on for weeks and months before someone discovers that the token was a honeypot scheme. All the money is stuck forever, and only the scammers can withdraw it.

Another common practice among scammers is to leak their wallet’s private key on a public forum on purpose.  In an attempt to demonstrate a honeypot scam, someone shared his MNE (a token that uses ETH as fuel) wallet’s private key in a chatroom. Wannabe scammers copied the private key of the wallet containing some $5000 to transfer all the money to their own wallet. However, the wallet did not have any fuel to carry out the transaction. Wannabe scammers had to send Ether to this wallet to do the transactions, but all their Ether was sent to another wallet through a smart contract, giving them no time to perform the transaction.

SquidGame is a token on Binance Smart Chain. This means you can only buy $squid or $marbel coin with BNB coin from Binance.

Squid Game might just become is the hottest new game release in the world in 2021. The game will come out to play and win massive money in November. It is a Gambling type game and if you want to know more about this game check it out here:

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