How to start a business in the MetaVerse.

For the first time in human history it has become possible to start and operate a business inside the virtual world. This recent development has only come about because of the innovations made in the crypto currency space and the block chain technology that allows for the safe and secure recording of the digital ledger. The digital ledger is the recording of ownership and payment information just like in traditional accounting but this record of payments and ownership can now be recorded in digital items. This is why blockchain and NFT’s are so revolutionary.

We are currently experiencing the greatest financial revolution the world has seen since the invention of the stock market in Europe in the 1600’s and just like that time in history massive fortunes will be made. While many people are buying and holding coins in these new crypto block chains and new asset class has been born and it is growing fast. Digital assets or NFT’s

When you match NFT’s with video games / digital spaces you allow for the value and ownership of anything inside the digital world. Think of a JPG picture, well that can now hold a digital value and a sign of who the owner is. Think of a song or movie, yes that also can hold a digital value and sign of who the owner is. Now you can see why ( Non Fungible Tokens ) NFT’s are so revolutionary. Now put NFT’s inside video games and digital spaces and you can create a real world economy inside the virtual world !

Play 2 Earn is almost 2 years old but it is exploding onto the world and this movement is still under the radar for most investors, so if you are reading this article, congratulations you are early, very early. As many investors know there are big advantages to be an early adopter. It is called the first mover advantage. That is what we try and do here at Income Player, we try and help you find the best new projects as they come out so you can get invested and grow your business inside the new digital world.

So just like starting any business starting a business inside the digital world requires a few things. I will list some of the basics for you here.

  1. Knowledge of what business is in demand and makes money. ( Know how much each game pays per action of per day on average )
  2. A basic idea of how money is made inside the business you want to start. For Play to earn games this can come in the form of knowing if you will be buying and selling digital real estate, mining digital crypto coins or NFT’s, farming digital animals or plants, breading digital creatures, or gaining coins or assets from game battles.
  3. After you know what the top games pay and how money is made in the game you will want to know if the game is fun and how much time or financial resources or risk you can put into the digital world you want to venture into.
  4. Get the funds and make a plan, a business plan. Yes that is right, keeping good books and records is important so you know if you are on budget and your plan is going well or if you are loosing money. Just like in real life you will need to keep records make a plan and follow that, even if you are inside a virtual world with play2earn crypto mechanics.

In case you still think buying digital items is not a real take a look at this one example for the Atomic Hub the worlds largest digital asset sales website. VISTI HERE

Yes this one Gold membership to a farming community is a very high in demand limited supply items selling for $55,146 and it is not even close to the most expensive. This example has a high price because it offers special rewards to the owners who buy it, which allows the business owners buying it to increase their revenue and digital mining profits. I will not get into to much detail here as this article is intended as a basic introduction to starting a business in the digital world. I will be reporting on more soon and I will be making a list in a future post, on what are a some of the top earning and most popular income generating business you can get started inside the MetaVerse ( Digital World ) very soon. Please come back to look for that post and help support us by visiting our forum and sharing this site with your friends and on your socials. Have a great day.

For more on how fast this space is growing and how early you are listen to my favorite Goldman Sacs Macro Analyst break it down for you.

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