Farmers World is the #1 fastest growing game and the #1 most popular game on the WAX ( World Wide Asset Exchange ) Website. This Play 2 Earn game recently got my attention after I found out about its high earning potential and its fast growing user base. Farmers World arrived in early July 2021 but really kicked off on the 1st of August as active wallets jumped up to over 1,700. This moment was the official launch of the game. From this point, the dapp ( Decentralized application ) maintained a good level of growth, steadily climbing to where it now sits with around 3,000 unique active wallets a day. These user wallets have been responsible for  1.44 million transactions as every action in Farmer’s World gets registered on the blockchain. This mechanic of on-chain gameplay happens in a variety of games on the Wax blockchain. Some of the other games on WAX include R-Planet and Alien Worlds among others.

What is Farmers World

In Farmers World players pick suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build farms, and enjoy the experiences of a farmer working in the Farmers World’s ecosystem.  Drawing inspiration from the once-famous Happyfarm Facebook browser game, the team behind the dapp ( Decentralized Application) is building a similar world where players can grow plants, chop wood, fish, and raise livestock and poultry. This big catch is, you can earn real money and all the farm items run on a real human economy with live dynamic free market prices. 

While players wait for their harvest, they can go to other farms and battle other players for resources. Therefore, players also have to stand guard and protect their own farms from intruders. Moreover, the team behind Farming World hopes that by playing the game not only can players make money, but also proudly show off what they have designed and protected.This is the idea they have posted on the site. Most players are only farming and this is what we will focus on for this article. How to make money farming in the MetaVerse 🌾👨‍🌾

Action and Reward 

Farming sims have always been a popular game genre, perhaps due to their strict skinner box action and reward mechanics. Players plant and nurture items, therefore have tangible reasons to keep coming back. Farmers World has employed some smart tactics to ramp up awareness prior to the game becoming fully live. 

Firstly, a series of drops have taken place throughout August which required players to collect certain items to become whitelisted for future drops and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in the game. Culminating in a special airdrop on the 30th of August. That airdrop created, a unique membership idea has been extended to players. The membership card system gives card owners Farmer Coins and grants farmers the ability to equip more working tools and store the number of mining attempts. Another interesting point is that membership cards can increase the farmers’ luck, thus giving farmers chances to receive more resources during the mining process. Additionally, membership is divided into 4 levels:

– Level 1: Bronze Member (common)

– Level 2: Silver Member (uncommon)

– Level 3: Gold Member (rare)

– Level 4: Diamond Member (epic)

Apart from that, membership also grants farmers the ability to wear more mining tools. Usually, for a particular type of resource, farmers can only wear up to 2 tools at the same time to mine. The number of additional working tools that players can wear depends on the type of card they use. 

Farmers World appears to be cultivated not only as a very playable game but one that provides the possibility to earn an income. The secondary market on Atomic Hub is already lively with gold membership cards up for grabs for around $50,000. Seamingly, these items belong to the early adopters that participate in the exclusive drops. Arguably, they are now poised to strike should the game grow and attract more players. 


Now this is only a quick intro into the game. There are many many more details we can go over about how to play, how to earn and getting started. We will keep you updated on how the game is going right here. Please check out our Forum and help grow the community of players.


Getting Started - What you need to know

Farmers World needs 3 things to play. 

1. Food for energy 

2. Wood to build 

3. Gold to pay for repair of tools that degrade. 

You can look at this chart to get a basic idea of the games economy. 

Basics to get started in the game are

1. Stone Axe

2. Land to farm

3. Seeds or Animals to Farm to make Energy

4. Bit of WAX coin staked to power the CPU+RAM game operations

5. Bit of food coin FWF  purchased to get you the energy you need to get into action.

You can chop wood and make energy with your plants or farm animals but getting your farm up and running will take 1 week or 7 days from the time you buy the Plot NFT and get the seeds planted. On your first harvest you can get more energy and more gold.  With that you can upgrade your gear and grow your farm and your ROI. As an example many player want to get a fishing pole as it helps get more food faster but as you can see from this picture you need 1200 wood and 200 gold. So to get this fishing pole you will need to grow enough food to get 200 gold and the energy to chip 1200 wood. This is how you level up in the game. The higher level assets or NFT items you have, the more you can earn. This is how people are able to earn $1,000 even $5,000 net ! per month based on the level of their farm and how large it is and the market prices for those things. 

There are different strategies that can be used to start playing this game. The most common and lowest price to start playing is starting the game by farming. 1 plot of land can hold 8 spots ( water 42 times every 4 hours before you can harvest it ) for growing plants. So if you buy 8 seeds and then plant them you can earn enough food to make energy to food your animals. After you fill up all 8 spots with growing crops you can move on to chickens as they are the next low prices animals to grow. After chickens you can get cows. An Axe is used for mining wood and some mining is required to get materials to make or craft structures. Structures increase your farm animals yields and also allow you to buy and craft better in game items worth more and more money. 

The Numbers - My Experiance

Ok, now that we have given you some basic background on this game and some basic info on what it is about and how to get started let me tell you about my current status in the game. 

I started the game with $1,000  on 11/29 price were way down. So I was able to buy the following. 

  1. (1) Plot of Farm land to make my farm ( Plot NFT ) 
  2. (1) Ancient Stone Axe – this is a new NFT drop and it is the lowest price axe in the game. 
  3. (3) Corn seeds
  4. (5) Barley Seeds
  5.  FWF coin to but enough food to convert to 2,000 energy to plant, water and grow the first crop. 

Once you prep the soil 8x your Plot NFT is activated then you can plant the 8 seeds each one takes some energy + 40 WAX staked to power the games CPU & RAM ( WAX stacking powers the crypto games in WAX ) 

Water the plants every 4 hours 

Ok let do the math now


1 plot 8 seeds water every 4 hours x 42 times = 7 days 

(1) seed produces ( 7 ) Barley or corn

So (8) seeds will make (7×8) 56 barley/corn weekly if watered the full 42 times in the week. 

11/30 Price as of this post

Corn = $ 21.34  (3×7=21 ) I have 3 Corn Plots

Barley= $ 14.07 ( 5×7=35) I have 5 barley plots 

7 seeds a week x 8 plots = 56

56 Barley a week at this price = $787.92 weekly

Because I have some corn my particular Gross return at this current price is $940.59 week Gross

Once I get this harvest I will need to store and convert the harvest into more food and buy new seed.  So the purchase of seed and energy for the next future harvest we will report on next week so you can see the cost and my NET weekly profit. From this NET weekly profit we will be able to tell you how long and when I will be able to make back my $1,000 investment and get my ROI ( Return on Investment) 

Till next time friends .😎🚜

Chicken Coop 12/1/2021

Invested another $1,000 and purchased 

  1. Chicken Coop
  2. 2 Eggs
  3. 1 Chick
  4. More FWF Food Coin 
  5. Some Barley 
  6. (8) Energy x 250 to build coop. 
  7. I am now growing the egg and feeding the chick to turn into chicken. My plan is to flip or sell the chicks after they hatch and buy a chicken. 

The next step is to maintain the farm till first harvest and use the money to get a cow barn and start farming cows. I would like to keep my investment at $2,000 and use the profit to grow the farm and cows. I will report back on the progress.