Play 2 Earn and earning Crypto by playing video games ?

Play2Earn is a renaissance for the gaming industry and will be the future of video game entertainment for Generations to come. Here at Income Player we believe that in the future many millions of people will be virtually employed inside virtual reality and regular video game worlds.

The video game industry generates more than $160 billion per year. In the past, gamers had no avenue for monetizing their activities in the virtual world, but that has changed thanks to the emergence of content-sharing platforms like Twitch and DLive, new monetization models like subscription services, and the rise of esports. 

According to The State of Online Gaming 2020, an in-depth report based on responses from 4,500 global gamers, more than 38% of video game players would like to become professionals if they could support themselves financially while doing so.

Gamers are mostly young and tech-savvy, so it’s no surprise that many of them prefer to earn crypto rather than fiat currency. Several platforms allow them to do just that.

The gaming industry as a whole has evolved dramatically over the course of the last couple of decades. Gaming technology has improved massively, and we’ve seen devices come and go (from retro handheld gaming devices like Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy to today’s array of sophisticated VR consoles).

Right from the start, video games were incredibly popular around the globe – particularly among younger people. Now, video games have exploded in popularity among a wider audience than ever before, with more and more adults choosing to take up the hobby. This has led to the gaming market being worth $178 billion in 2021 (which is expected to surpass $295 billion over the next five years). 

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