Play2Earn can save us from UBI (Universal Basic Income) Free Markets VS Socialist Take Over

The Holy Grail or ultimate goal of Play2Earn tokenomics will be the first virtual world that can allow users to earn a high 1st world income anyplace in the world. As well as, be fully stable and no longer susceptible to the massive price bubbles and price crashes we currently have across the space today in 2021. Play2Earn is only 1 or 2 years old so it has lots of growing up to do, but once this can be figured out the world of Blockchain Play2Earn MetaVerse Economies will be able to provide jobs and employment in mass to the people of the world. As the creators of these virtual worlds work to solve these price crashes and try to stabilize their economies, the evolution of this space will someday create a viable option for work and a way to make a stable income. Once this takes place, we will have a real viable alternative to low global employment and no a UBI ( Universal Basic Income) will no longer been required. If robots take all of our jobs in the future, then instead of turning to a basic income for the worlds poor, the economies created in Blockchain based virtual worlds will be able to provide employment and a good stable income.

Universal Basic income can have lots of problems and is not a good idea, if better solutions are available. While test on (Welfare) UBI have been done around the world, UBI is nowhere near providing a solution to a world in need to work opportunities amid a future sea of high unemployment. UBI was just the first idea proposed by left wing think tanks. I am here to prepose a new better idea, one based on free market principals. Employment inside the virtual economies of the future. Employment inside the MetaVerse.

AI “Artificial intelligence”, training cost are dropping 60% a year and AI is learning faster every year. Robotics is also improving at this accelerated rate. This is the same with battery technology. Make no mistake about it, many 1st and 3rd world developing economies will loose many jobs over the next 30 years do to robotics and AI. As people are displaced in mass around the world, they will need employment. With the new emergence of Blockchain economies in 2020 and 2021, it has now come apparent that there is a new and better solution to UBI and the potential future threat of mass robotic employment, this solution is, the MetaVerse. For this to work, we first need stable economies in these Virtual spaces. Once we have this, blockchain gaming and Blockchain virtual worlds of value will be able to provide real economic opportunities for the masses. We are not there yet, but the problem is known and the problem is being worked on by the free market. This article has been written to highlight the importance of this issue and the current state of this 2 year old virtual economy. If you liked this article share it on your social media or follow me on FaceBook or Twitter. Have a great day.

Author: Luke A. Myers

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