Sailers World

Sailers World on the Wax Blockchain is the most anticipated play2earn game on the wax blockchain so far this year. Rising to the top 3 in sales volume before the beta game test was even out. Why are people so hyped up about this game and why do we think this game has good potential as one of the top play 2 earn games of 2022 ?

Well first, Sailors World is an NFT-based nautical gaming project with a dynamic economic model on the WAX blockchain. The game has “play-to-earn” features, where players will be rewarded with tokens and valuable NFTs. This allows players to build ships, mine resources, and explore the seas and oceans. Build your own Sailors World fleet, mine resources, participate in expeditions and future battles!

This PVP and PVE mode will come out later this year. Beta Testing is on 2/25/2022 Sign up to BETA TEST this game here:

The PVP will have Pirates from all continents and archipelagos that will begin to fight each other for rare treasures. Players will create their own fleets and build up their combat power to participate in large-scale PvP and PvE battles! You can feel like a pirate and fight for valuable treasure against other players or a computer AI.

Mining resources such as oil will be part of the early game play. You need at least one ship to start playing. Or you can own a maritime territory or an oil rig. At the beginning, all players have a limited number of slots for ships. Additional slots can be bought in the in-game store. Oil rigs produce FUEL, which is used by ships for expeditions and trawling. Owners of maritime territories receive passive income from the extraction of DUB or WRECK tokens on their territory. Ships are used in trawling to mine DUB and WRECK tokens. Also sent on expeditions to mine DUB or WRECK tokens. In expeditions there is an opportunity to get NFT.DUB is used to repair ships and oil rigs, to craft and unlock slots for ships. WRECK is used to craft new ships and oil rigs.

Maritime Territories will have a fixed supply and be a key feature of the game.

The game will launch with ships getting resources and then expand to PVP and in the final stage launch advanced tokenomics and overland game play. The universe of Sailors World is very vast and uncharted. As the world is explored, explorers will find new continents, oceans and archipelagos, wear equipment and explore dungeons!

The Graphics for this game are amazing and the potential burn mechanics for creating a long lasting stable income stream for players seem good so far. We look forward to playing this game and reporting back with good reviews. If you would like to know more check them out here:

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