Sailors World – Burn Mechanic and PVE Mode

The much anticipated release of the Burn Mechanic and PVE battle mode for this fast growing Play2Earn Wax game has finally been released. Sailors World is releasing the World Bosses Update at the end of May.

Sailors World is players are finally going on a journey to the Magic Ocean, for this you will need special battle ships and the necessary resources. Along the way there will be various monsters and pirates guarding valuable treasures and blocking our way. We will have to fight monsters and various pirates. It’s time to send your fleet into battle.

The first phase of PvE content: WORLD BOSSES

The battle system will be provided in a cooperative battle format. All players will fight one of the main monsters. A system of boss levels will be introduced, with each step the bosses will be stronger and more powerful, but also the reward for victory will be higher.

A system of upgrading current ships into battle ships will be introduced. For this purpose, a chance to get NFT will be added in trawls and expeditions. Reward for battles: NFT to help in battles and useful resources.

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