Squid Game coin is back – Now decentralized and in the safe hands of the community ! ( Open for Free Market Trading)

Taken from the community driven website who is now managing the $Squid and $Marble coins.

” As many of you know, the Squid Game cryptocurrency was founded by scammers. They took advantage of their community, and inevitably committed a rugpull and ran off with millions. Many people were devastated. Despite this devastation, many people found a home in this previously broken community. This was inpart with the intervention of BINANCE themselves. The developers addresses were blacklisted and Binance announced a pending investigation into the developers. Squid Game has now emerged as a decentralized cryptocurrency, with full community autonomy. The previously extinguished flame has been re-ignited as we grow each and everyday and now progress in developing a trustworthy currency with extraordinary potential. ”

So your $Squid coin and $Marble coin can now be sold. From what we know from the community everyone is very happy and most are holding onto their coins and the future now looks much brighter for this project. We are still waiting for news and funding for final creation of the game and how it will be linked to the coins. For more information visit the new website.


We will report back to you with more new as it progresses.


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