Squid Game – Ellon Musk Tweets, Crypto game rises over 2,000 % in 1 day !

Squid Game Crypto

Squid Game has taken over Netflix as the top show. Now there is a Crypto game being build that will allow people to earn massive returns by playing. Elon Musk has just tweeted about this game and now it has spread awareness and the game is poping 2,000 + % as people flood in. This might be the end the year as one of the hotest crypto game of 2021.

This is the chart for Thursday 28, October !!! 🚀🤯

You can learn more about the project here: https://squidgame.cash/

It can only be purchased on Pancake Swap. It is trading at $2.20 now we will keep you updated as this grows.

You can get started to play in December and you must first go to Pancake Swap and buy some coins and then get ready for more news here !

This is the Road Map for the Games.

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