Squid Game Community is making the Game.

Game is in development for more information in the development of this game see link: https://supersquid.org/

From Twitter

It looks like the new community website is up and real action is being taken to revive the project and make the game work. Because of the rug pull scam that this project was born from, the community and the public in general will need to see real results and have all of the code and game system carefully tested and fully built before anyone really starts putting any real money behind this game. For now it looks promising and when the new season of Squid game comes out on Netflix, the community could have a real Play2Earn Squid game to play and the bad past of this game and the coins community could finally start to go away. If you are holding Squid Coin or Marble coins then keep holding on you just might be able to make your money back. Hope is alive. We will report on the progress of this project in 2022 and see if the price starts to make any real moves up. Right now, Squid Coin is at .9 cents and Marbles are at .014 cents. The community thinks it can make it to $1 but only time will tell. The new Squid Game coin and community website are here: https://squidgameholders.org/

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