Top 4 Play2Earn Farming games for 2022.

2022 is going to be the year of MetaVerse Farming. The first of these was Farmers World which came out in August of 2021 just at the start of the MetaVerse hype bubble. It quickly rose to the top as the most popular game on the WAX blockchain. This stellar success lead to other game creators wanting to come out with their own even better crypto farming games.

If you are interested in playing some of the Play2Earn farming games in 2022, this is our list of top Crypto Farming games to watch for 2022.

#1 Farmers World


Large established player base

Growing user base

Profitable Tokenomics

More development and growth on the way

Simple Passive play2Earn


Game is still adding game items and developing. It is mostly click to earn with little movement graphics like other farming games on the market. Some people like the simplicity so we call this neutral.

Economics: Basic farm and mine, burn mechanics are in development and full game features have not been released. User growth is main driver of price growth.

#2 Happy Land


Nice Graphics and fully developed player and farmer movement

Token Economics are introducing advanced features like seasons and variable land yield. Makes for a good experiment is stable economy.


Not out yet

#3 DAO Farmer


More advanced features for stable tokenomics.

Players are in a DAO and a democratic DAO game

Cans: Game not out to try yet and economics are uncertain.

#4 Town Star


Diverse world

Good graphics and game movement

Diverse economics and NFT’s in a play and earn world with economy

More advanced than other farming games


Play2Earn returns are lower than farmers world and required higher investment to play and gain high earning, so it is costly. Higher cost games come with more risk.


All of these games have different styles. Each game is working with different economic ideas in their designs of the game economy. Game Tokenomics ( economics of the game token ) is everything for these Farming Games. Overall we like the diversity and how each of these games is trying to make their coin prices and farm NFT asset prices the most stable and the most profitable. Each farming game can have long term success and profitability as long as they can find ways to keep players profitable and minimize the risk of assets dripping too fast or to unprofitable levels. We see lots of promise and profitability in these game and we think they have a bright future ahead. If you liked this post please share with your friends or on social media and drop by the forum and let us know how your game play has gone. Have fun and keep playing.

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