Welcome to Moondon, the largest habitable planet in the Universe.(NFT lore)

MoonDon is the core story Lore for Galactic Secret Agent 6332. This NFT collection was first created in the Summer of 2021 on Open Sea.

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So Galactic Secret Agent #6332 lives on Moondon and has a home on its habitable water Moon Trillian. 

GSA 6332

Moondon orbits around a supermassive star R136a1 as you know it on earth.


Science Facts about the real R136a1

Using a combination of instruments on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers have discovered the most massive stars to date, some weighing at birth more than 300 times the mass of the Sun, or twice as much as the currently accepted limit of 150 solar masses. This artist’s impression shows the relative sizes of young stars, from the smallest “red dwarfs”, weighing in at about 0.1 solar masses, through low mass “yellow dwarfs” such as the Sun, to massive “blue dwarf” stars weighing eight times more than the Sun, as well as the 300 solar mass star named R136a1.

Back to the Story

Moondon is about the same size as the Earths Sun, 🤯 😳, Yeah I know that is very big but we have a very big imagination and frankly we need a planet that large just to fit it. Anyway MoonDon is 1.3 million times the mass or size of the earth. To give you a perspective of how large Moondon is we can look at this picture.

Each blue dot is the size of earth and this is the scale of how large Moondon is and how many earths can fit inside Moondon.

Story Lore: 
Mission: To stop the evil artifactual intelligence known as ” Central,” from raising a machine army and gaining the secrets hidden on the planet MoonDon. The AI lives in the deepness of space, inside a rebel machine army. He is known as the hive mind of the darkest of in-organic life forms. Central wants to gain the secrets of the First One’s. They are  the ancient beings who legend says created the mysterious planet. This evil artificial intelligence wants to turn the planet and all of its life forms into inorganic machine life. It also wants turn the planet into a giant machine used to convert all biological life in the universe into more perfect artificial life forms and it can only do this with the secrets found in the book of The First Ones, which is hidden and guarded by the Galactic Secret Agents on the Planet MoonDon. 

About Moondon
The planet Moondon is the largest habitable planet in the known universe.  It possesses unique properties that give it a lower level of gravity for the mass of the planet. This is due to the element – Mularite which emits anti- gravitational radiation.

When found in large clusters Mularite gives the ability to lower the overall wight or gravity of a mass that it is attached to. Planets with high amounts of Mularite can have much larger mass than normal planets. In fact this is one of the reasons the plant is protected. MoonDon is protected because it has one of the highest concentrations if this rare elements. This very high level of Mularite gives the planet the ability to have a massive size with a fraction of the gravity. The other unique feature is that Moondon is in the Habitable zone of a Supermassive Star which is also one of the largest stars in the Galaxy. 


It is thought that in the early formation of the universe one area of space gathered the most Mularite together and formed a planet. That planet is the size of a small yellow star but with the gravity of earth. Moondone is  the only habitable world that can fit 1.3 million earth size planets inside of it. It orbits the supermassive star R136a1 

Gwei lives on a habitable moon in the moondon orbital system. The Guild of 13 Galactic Secret Agents act as a guardians of the planet and keepers of its rare and very special Mularite resources. 

There are 21 moons in the orbit of the planet and 3 of them are fully habitable. Gwei lives on the watery moon.  It is much like the watery world of Gwei’s  home world. With only small mines on the ocean floor having been depleted many thousands of years ago. The moon is about the size of earth and has a large colony of about 1 billion alien people. 

Secrets of MoonDon
The temple of Talpit was built 100,000 years ago by the first alien visitors because they believed Mularite was sacred. They thought that its gravity lowering properties were a gift from God and must be guarded from evil at all costs. 

Gwei is a Galactic Secret Agent for the Galactic federation working in undercover to stop the evil AI that has emerged. You might ask what does a humble alien surfer and diver have to do with saving the galaxy and protecting Moondon?  Well that is what we will tell you in the next episode.

For now, Moondon is the sole invention and intellectual property of Luke Myers we will use this planet and its solar system for more up and coming stories very soon.


Moondon Rare element Mularite


Moondon Lifeforms

Because of its massive size, the planet Moondon is home to an almost infinite number of different animal species and types. The variety is so large it is almost behind imagination.

Moondon is home to over 100,000 islands that are the size of the African Continent alone, with hundreds of thousands more that are smaller. Because of this massive size and large number of separate land masses, evolution on the planet has given room for unique life forms most which only exist on each island continent. These are some of the life forms that live on Moondon.

MoonDon Nature.

Blossoming Flowers of MoonDon

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Water Lifeforms

Many shapes, colors and types on Moondon
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What is the Guild of 13 Galactic Secret Agents and why do they protect the planet ? 

The guild of 13 Galactic Secret agents are an elite planetary protection force. MoonDon has many secrets. For one, no one knows how the planet was formed as it is the only habitable world that is so large. Most planets are not able to forms that size as the begin to burn under the mass and density of their gravity turning into small stars on their own. 

The secret that the Galactic Secret Agents hold is how MoonDon was created and how it is able to support life with such an immense size. They also hold the top secret information on its creators a advanced race of beings known as the first ones. The first ones are the life forms that created MoonDon in the distant past and they are known as the oldest and fist forms of intelligent  life in the universe  and they first beings to develop space travel some time over 1 billion years ago. 

GSA 6332

This is Galactic Secret Agent 6332 also known as Gwei. He lives a peaceful existence on one of the habitable outer moons of MoonDon and the water moon Lumia. He runs a small dive shop and seaside resort on the watery moon. He is able to breath in the water but only  in the highly oxygenated and dense water of his home world. So while he has gills, he is not able to breath very well in the less dense water of earth. So, he has the ability to walk as well as breath air and water and this duel ability gives him a great advantage as a Galactic Secret Agent. 

The Top Secret Book

Agent 6332 – Gwei with 12 other top Galactic Secret Agents guard  Moondon’s top secret book. The Secret book of MoonDon has been guarded for over 100,000 years by them and details the secrets of Mularite and why and how this planet came into existence and why there are no other planets like it in the known universe. The secret book also details the most information on the – First One’s  the mysterious beings legend says created the MoonDon and who might even come from before the big bang. 

The only known, Leaked pictures of the secret book of "The First Ones"

Location of these secrets is held by the 13 GSA. The location and identity of the 13 secret agents is unknown but the location of two of them are reported here. Two can be found, one in the underwater city of Luma and the other on Island of the Unknown. Gwei is a Galactic Secret Agent but no one knows his true identity as agent 6332. Gwei is the leader of the Guild of 13 MoonDon Guardians, and only he knows their location and true identities. When it is time to activate, it is him who receives commands from the Galactic Federation and stands ready to protect MoonDon and all of its many secrets.   

City of Luma
Island of the Unknown

The In-Organic life forms that want to destroy all Organic Biological life in the universe are ruled by Central, a universal Hive like mind that runs inside of them. Only the Galactic Secret Agents know how the AI came into existence. 

In-Organic Life Forms Run by the Evil Artificial Intelligence Central

They will stop at nothing to gain the secrets of MoonDon and turn all life in the Universe into superior In-Organic life forms, all under the central authority and control of the master AI. Only the Galactic Secret Agents stand in their way. 

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