What is the Sandbox Game !

The Sandbox Play 2 Earn Crypto MetaVerse game has been growing in popularity and sweeping the globe. Attracting buyers of Meta verse land from celebrities and investors all over the world. The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. We empower artists, creators, and players to build the platform they always envisioned, providing the means to unleash your creativity. It is build on the decentralized free market economy of the crypto space. You can create in your own land. In game assets are minted as NFT’s. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. They are unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable – allowing true digital ownership of in-game assets. $SAND is our main utility token that allows you to buy and sell LANDS and ASSETS in The Sandbox metaverse.

The Sandbox world has its own growing community and with its success many more metaverse like worlds are in development by gaming communities around the world. The future is very bright for the metaverse and we are only in the very early days. Hop in our Forum and share your experience of the metaverse and the Sandbox.

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