YGG Yield Guild Does a 10x then Crashes 50% !

July 28, 2021 YGG came out onto the world with its ICO. Opening to the public at $1 it hit $10,05 on 8/27/2021 in just one month ! Yes 10X in its first month ! Then from its high at the end of August is started a massive sell off crashing 50% driven by insider selling. Lots of institutional money bought at the .50 cent ICO day before it was traded on open exchanges to the public. So this made lots of early investors feel left out and not a happy. Going forward we still see a bright future for Yield Guild in the years to come. IncomePlayer.com will be keeping an eye on this rising star in the Play to Earn gaming world and the great assistance they offer Income Players around the world to get into this industry and earn a income from playing video games. Which we feel just like YGG also feels is going to be the future.

This picture is an official list of Games they are investing in and getting meta verse assets in. This is as of 9/27/2021 we expect this to expand very fast in the next few years. At www.incomeplayer.com we like YGG because it allows to to stay on top of the most popular games and events taking place in Play to Earn and leverage their large growing community and share this information with you. If you are a player or an investor we have the forum for you to connect with other like minded gamers and investors some please come and join us.

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